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Excitement and adventure in the great outdoors.
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The adventure in Tuscany starts again

Canyon Park / OUTdoor

Zip Lines more than 100 metres long, Tibetan bridges and thrilling passes suspended in a canyon above a spectacular river. We have the only totally safe, guided high wire route situated inside a Canyon in Italy.

Toscana SUP

Tuscany is home to the wild waves of the Etruscan coast, the river valleys of Garfagnana and the impressive Arno river which flows under the Ponte Vecchio in Florence. Experience the mirror-smooth waters of Lake Bilancino or the excitement of white water rapids.


Rafting for all tastes with a range of routes. Have fun in total safety on the rapids in the spectacular setting.

Kids Forest

Learn to love nature from childhood thanks to educational activities designed especially for kids. In the heart of the forest, children learn about the importance of nature and the sense of freedom it brings to those who treat it with love and respect.


Paragliding in tandem with certified instructors. Enjoy the Apennine mountains and the majestic villas of the Lucca area from a breath taking vantage point.

Canyon Park / INmind

Yoga sessions, retreats and workshops in the enchanting forest at Canyon Park. Enjoy the unique location: the Park has suspended platforms in the woodland, floating platforms on the river and even hidden in the caves.


Go on a guided excursion in the spectacular, pristine canyons in the Lima Valley and Garfagnana. Get your heart racing with abseiling, natural slides and breath taking spots for jumping and diving.

Adventure Park Il Gigante

Adrenaline-fuelled fun for young and old in the hills surrounding Florence. Among the woodland near the historic gardens of Villa Demidoff, the adventure park features Tibetan bridges, Zip Lines and suspended nets.

Rafting, Yoga, Adventure Park and Zip Line, Activities for children, Canyoning, SUP and Tandem Paragliding:

create your own story…

attività all’aria aperta e nella natura in toscana


A region that needs no introduction.

Rivers, streams and canyons, forests and mountains, the blue stretch of the Mediterranean Sea and the boundless sky….this is Tuscany. Discover and experience this hidden corner of pristine natural beauty.

appassionati di attività sportive all’aria aperta outdoor

We are passionate about the outdoors

We have a wide range of activities, offering an unconventional experience of this varied natural setting, with zero negative impact on the environment.

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