Hot Air Ballooning

Fly above Tuscany, carried by the breeze - relax and enjoy this unique and exhilarating experience.

A magical outdoor activity to discover Tuscany from the air, following the rhythm of the wind.
Take a hot air balloon flight in Tuscany with Outdoor in Tuscany, departures from Chianti to fly above the Tuscany landscape

What is a hot air balloon flight?

It seems almost superfluous to explain hot air ballooning – the image of the coloured balloon serenely floating through the sky is so familiar to us. But knowing some details about the activity will help us to enjoy it even more!

The hot air balloon is a relatively recent form of air transport, inspired by the characteristic Chinese floating paper lanterns.
It works on Archimedes’ principle of buoyancy – the hot air inside the balloon is less dense (lighter) that the air outside it, allowing it to rise upwards.

Unlike other similar forms of transport, a hot air balloon doesn’t have an engine and is therefore carried by wind currents. This is what makes it so fascinating – it functions in harmony with nature. The balloon is manoeuvred by an expert pilot, whose instructions and information ensure that the flight is a pleasurable and completely safe experience.

Who can take a trip in a hot air balloon?

Ballooning is suitable for everyone!

The hot air balloon is a very safe form of aviation – it’s also suitable for vertigo sufferers due to the stability of the flight and the high sides of the basket.

It is a relaxing experience, guided by the wind and free from turbulence or sudden movements.
There will be plenty of time to enjoy the view and experience every detail of the flight to the full.
Your pilot will explain everything and provide instructions to ensure your safety.


Ballooning in Florence flies above Florence, Siena, Lucca, the Crete Senesi area and the Val D’Orcia.

Tuscany boasts a huge variety of landscapes, and Ballooning in Florence offers four different take-off locations for its flights.

From Florence, the take-off point is from the banks of the Arno river, flying towards the Chianti hills. You will have an amazing view of the cathedral’s domed roof, the Uffizi galleries, Palazzo Vecchio, Palazzo Pitti and the magnificent Boboli gardens.

Leaving Florence, the flight passes above the historic monastery (Certosa) in the hills outside the city. If you’re lucky, you can catch a glimpse of local fauna such as deer, wild boar, hare and pheasant.

A unique element of a hot air balloon flight is the possibility of lowering the altitude towards the treetops, letting you see the colours and features of the landscape in detail. 

Taking off from Lucca, you can admire the spectacular ancient city with its still-intact city walls and the surrounding mountains. Departing from Siena offers a similarly stunning vista, flying over medieval villages and observing the beautiful city centre nestled among the hills, famous for its cathedral and the distinctive piazza del Campo.

Balloon flights taking off from Buonconvento, in the Chianti area, take in more of the classic Tuscany countryside, with its typical cypress trees, vineyards and wheat fields stretching across the hills of the Val d’Orcia and the Crete Senesi.

Take a hot air balloon flight in Tuscany with Outdoor in Tuscany, departures from Lucca and Siena

What does the activity consist of?


from 20 to

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0 hour
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Flights take place at dawn, it’s very important to arrive on time.
A shuttle service to return to the take-off point is included.

Take a hot air balloon flight in Tuscany with Outdoor in Tuscany to discover the Tuscany landscape from above


20 years of flying in Tuscany

Ballooning in Florence is an air carrier company, founded over 20 years ago as part of the Balloon Team Italia group. Various pilots have belonged to this group over the years, characterised by their excellence and unique approach.
The people at Ballooning in Florence consider themselves part of a family. Flying is both a job and a passion, and the ability to share this enthusiasm for flying with passengers is the defining feature of the team.

The ballooning air carrier company is overseen by ENAC (the National Body for Civil Aviation) and has the appropriate licences to operate and provide civil passenger air transport.
Passengers can sit back, relax and let themselves be transported by the breeze and guided by their pilot.

We like to repeat this well-known saying – a great metaphor for the essence of adventure: “when you fly by hot air balloon you know where you take off, but not where you’re going to land”. A hot air balloon flight is a great experience – you’ll have amazing memories of for years to come.

Powered by wind and thermodynamics

Hot air ballooning is a slow-speed way of travelling, stimulating an awareness of the power of nature.
Taking off uses the different air temperature and density inside the balloon, and the direction of travel depends entirely on the wind. The only element decided by the pilot is the altitude.

Planning a route requires an in-depth understanding and study of the natural elements, and underlines the importance of respecting them.

The only ‘artificial’ element of the flight is the fuel burned to reach the appropriate altitude. Propane is used for this function, one of the least polluting combustible fuels available.


Comfortable sports clothing – we recommend long trousers and trainers – no sandals or high heels. The hot air balloon takes off and lands in fields, which may have tall grass or be wet from the morning dew.
The flight lasts around 1 hour, but you should leave around 3 hours for all the pre-flight and post-flight phases. Remember that we depart at dawn!
Hot air balloon flights are very dependent on weather conditions. The flight cannot go ahead in strong winds, rain or fog. The weather conditions may not be predictable – the pilot may choose to cancel the flight the same morning at the take-off location. In case of unsuitable weather, you won’t lose your flight – it will be moved to another departure date.
Take a hot air balloon flight in Tuscany with Outdoor in Tuscany, all the information you need