The Great Outdoors for Children – fun in the forest

The Great Outdoors for Children

Outdoor activities in Tuscany for children.

Immersed in the woods, children learn about the importance of nature and the sense of freedom it brings to those who treat it with love and respect.

Why are outdoor experiences good for kids?

Experiences in natural surroundings allow children to express themselves and discover their potential whilst exploring new places to love and develop respect for.

Outdoor activities and experiences immersed in natural surroundings enhance awareness of the self and the environment.

Enabling outdoor experiences promotes healthy living – benefitting people and the planet.

Who can take part?

Outdoor activities located in natural surroundings or immersed in the forest are suitable for children in a wide age range (from 6 to 10 years old).

The experiences we create are lively and life-affirming. In line with their age, children will be curious and sparked to explore by difference stimuli, but they will all take this sense of enrichment home with them.


Kids’ Forest in the Canyon Park Forest - Bagni di Lucca, in the hills of Tuscany

An ideal location for an out-of-the-ordinary educational experience. The Kids’ Forest is an unspoilt and isolated spot in the Lima Valley, with a trail featuring wooden bridges, a forest of plane, lime and poplar trees, streams and ancient chestnut drying huts.

The idea for Kids’ Forest was to create an enriching experience immersed in nature for children, contributing to their journey of growth and understanding.

The activities are designed to promote positive emotions and form a basis for a close relationship with nature, cultivating a sense of appreciation and protection of our natural world.

What does the activity involve?

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The 4 elements: Kids Forest offers 90 minute experiences, designed to provide children with an immersive, sensory learning experience in nature, featuring plenty of games.


The magic of the forest, in constant evolution

The forest, located close to Canyon Park, is still a wild and unspoilt location. Unaltered by humans, it offers valuable examples of natural life cycles such as the decay and death of plants and their re-use by other living beings.

Children come into contact with a rich and biodiverse environment, and can discover insects and mushrooms, among other life forms.

Love nature as children, respect nature as adults

The idea of this project is to bring children closer to nature and cultivate a sense of protection for the environment. Using themes and motifs from ancient cultures with particular empathy for trees, we aim to bring children into the realm of the forest.


Sports clothing .

90 / 120 minutes.

In case of light or passing rain, the activity will still go ahead. If storms or heavy rain are forecast, we will send you a message from the booking system with updates and instructions.