Rafting in Tuscany – enjoy the ride on crystal clear waters


Outdoor activity in Tuscany, navigating the river rapids

Rafting is a water sport conducted on an inflatable raft, along river rapids.

What is Rafting?

Rafting is a water sport experienced aboard a canoe (or raft). The activity is great fun and a real adventure, conducted along the rapids of a river.

An expert guide sits at the back of the raft to steer and propel the vessel with a paddle, while the rest of the crew follows the Guide’s instructions. Rafting is an outdoor team sport, where the group must work together and with its natural surroundings.

Who can go Rafting?

Immersed in natural surroundings, rafting is the perfect activity for discovering the thrill of descending rivers at speed, but is also great for families looking for a fun and absorbing experience.

There is also a ‘gentler’ version of the same activity, known as soft rafting (or family rafting) which also takes place on the river.

However, there is plenty of white water and more challenging rafting routes for adrenaline seekers!


Aguarajà, in Bagni di Lucca, offers the wildest waters in the Tuscan hills.

In Tuscany, the main routes to try out this fun-filled water sport are on the Serchio river for soft rafting, and the Lima river for regular rafting. The Serchio river is also navigable in the summer, whilst normally the Lima only has sufficient water in autumn, winter and spring

Aguarajà is a rafting company with many years’ experience. Aguaraja offers visitors the thrill of the full rafting experience, together with the ‘soft rafting’ option for families or newcomers to the sport.


What does the activity involve?

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In a short briefing, the Guide will explain the commands and the rules to follow during the activity, how to carry out commands, and key safety information. During the descent, the guide will make sure the group is safe and provide necessary instructions.


Rafting immersed in history, nature and adventure.

The Aguarajà rafting base (Aguarajà means ‘sovereign waters’) is located right underneath the Ponte delle Catene (Chain Bridge) on the Lima river. It’s also the departure point for the longest descent on the Lima. As well as the classic rapids of the Passarella and Buco di Leo, this route includes the thrills of the Scivolone (big slides), the Buddha, the Rapida del Cuore (heart rapids) and the wonderful Anaconda (at the paper mill at the Serraglio bridge).

Aguarajà have been rafting on the rivers in Tuscany for 30 years, bringing our wealth of experience as guides for your visit!

Commitment to the environment

Outdoor sports nurture love and respect for the environment. With this in mind, Aguarajà have created and followed a set of guidelines for several years, to make sure as humans we continue to have a positive impact on the river:

  • Limiting the number of tourists accessing the river. We give priority to quality non quantity, with a maximum of 20 people per day allowed on each route
  • Using ecological and sustainable health and safety products
  • Resisting the onslaught of unrestrained cement-based construction on the rivers and committing to water as a shared resource

Useful information

Aguarajà will provide all the equipment you need to enjoy the activity in complete safety.

Sports shoes, thermal base layer (lycra or fleece/wool), swimming costume, change of underwear and towel/robe.

The activity lasts about 2 hours

In case of light or passing rain, the activity will still go ahead. If storms or heavy rain are forecast, we will send you a message 24 hours beforehand with updates and instructions.