Zero impact in Tuscany

The real energy is used in the activities and initiatives which we love and promote. There are no emissions produced from the activities we have on offer. We only use people power!


Living in harmony with our natural surroundings is the guiding principle behind the activities we have selected, together with the commitment to protect and promote the area.

Plastic free

Tuscany is the first region to be plastic free.

Agenda 2030

program for a more sustainable Tuscany.

19 blue flags

A record number for beaches and historic locations.

Our activities contribute to promoting river and canyon clean-ups, maintaining pathways and monitoring and reporting activities for local authorities. We make use of solar energy and natural treatment systems for managing waste water (using activated sludge). Above all we treasure the experience of being immersed in nature: the power of the wind, the force of the currents and the sound of the tree canopy.

Iniziative we support:

A responsible approach is the key to fully enjoying the experience – and keeping our natural world pristine and wild!

Discover the outdoor activities:

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