Adventure parks

Aerial courses for treetop fun and excitement

Adventure parks are suitable for everyone – and have enjoyed great success in recent years, offering a mix of fun and adrenaline in the great outdoors.

What is an adventure park?

An adventure park consists of a range of routes (using bridges, zip lines and ropes) suspended through the treetops, differentiated for length, difficulty and height. Each course has around 10 different types of ‘crossing’ – from the ‘Tarzan rope’ to Nepalese bridges and zip wires.

There’s a huge range of routes to choose from, for every taste and age range – from those suitable for 3 year-olds to the most difficult and challenging (and exciting!)

Moving between trees is the basis of this outdoor activity. Each tree has a platform, connected to the next one along the route by a safety wire. However high up you are, you are completely safe!

Who can enjoy adventure parks?

Everyone! From families with young children to singles, couples and groups (young and old) looking for a fun outdoor experience.

The range of routes offers something for everyone, based on your age and taste for adventure.


“Il Gigante” Adventure Park, in the hills of Florence

One of the best-equipped adventure parks in Italy is only a few kilometres from Florence, among the woods and historic villas. A place for guaranteed fun.

In a spectacular oak forest, near the famous Medici villa Demidoff, the park’s suspended routes wind through the trees. There are also regular walking trails and a bar with a large picnic area to fully enjoy a day out in the fresh air.

Il Gigante’s routes are equipped with a lifeline system, which you are continuously connected to for your safety. Park instructors are always on hand to supervise visitor activities.


What does the activity involve?

0 aerial route
games for families and children (from 3 years).Constantly connected to the lifeline system.
percorso avventura
0 KM
of adrenaline-filled routes with heights of up to 20m and 120m zip wires
0 hours
on the route

No need to book (except for birthday celebrations and groups).


Take a break in the forest

The Garena forest is a historic location, appreciated for centuries for its scenic beauty. At 500m from sea level, the majestic oak forest has been home to the adventure park for 12 years. During the activities, on routes suspended through 2 hectares of greenery, you can see above the tree canopy and enjoy breath-taking views of the valley.

Il Gigante hosts summer camps and team building activities, and is the perfect place for stag, hen and birthday parties thanks to its large picnic area.

The whole area is immersed in greenery which ensures a pleasant temperature in the hotter months.


Guardians of the forest: caring for our trees.

The giant is a figure traditionally associated with woodland protection. Our “giant” watches over the trees here in the Garena forest. The creators of the adventure park started out as professional tree surgeons whose passion brought them into contact with ancient specimens, honing their tree climbing skills to take care of them.

All the infrastructure at the park is designed to prevent a negative impact on the trees’ health, and is adjusted as the trees grow. Il Gigante adventure park also makes sure that the trails through the woods are maintained, to allow access to this wonderful green area.

Useful information

Harness, helmet and personal protection equipment. Under-helmet caps are also available.

Sports clothing and trainers.

The activity generally lasts 2 hours.

In the event of storms or strong winds, the park will be closed. If you are unsure please contact the park.


With approximately 1200 Google reviews (4.6/5) and more than 200 TripAdvisor reviews, Il Gigante adventure park is one of the best outdoor activity centres in Florence – appreciated by both locals and tourists wanting to try something different.

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